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My Story

There was a time when I felt like I was just going through the motions of life, surviving, but never thriving. Not even close. I remember saying on my 35th birthday, “this just isn’t what I thought my life would be like”. I felt like I was living the life others wanted for me, or playing a role. At first I felt powerless, but then I realized that SOMETHING had to change, and that change was my responsibility. It took me a while to act on that realization, but everything started to shift for me when I decided to get back into helping others. I chose to pursue a Health Coach certification, and eventually a Life Coach certification. As part of that process, I had the opportunity to work with coaches for the first time. Through Coaching, I was able to change my habits and shift my mindset in ways that have completely changed my life. I’m no longer stuck. I’m in control and empowered in all areas. I am consciously and actively creating the life I want to live. I'm passionate about helping others make similar transformations. I believe it's my purpose in life to help others own their power and their worth. We all deserve to thrive. 

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